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Nikki, Eden, Sarah, Beth, Mrs Woog & Lorraine take New York

Hello - Lorraine here!

From Wednesday next week, all of the Remarkables (as well as a number of other Australian bloggers) will gradually be decamping to New York New York for BlogHer ’12 – and in true blogger-groupie style, I’m going too.

So what is BlogHer?  It’s the biggest conference for female bloggers in the world – 3,000+ international bloggers will be descending on Manhattan for two days of intensive seminars, workshops… and parties.  It runs over two days and is held at the Hilton.

Brands will also be in abundant attendance, with an enormous expo hall for attendees to meet brands face-to-face, brands sponsoring different elements of the conference and throwing what are apparently THE most incredible parties.

BlogHer is a remarkable opportunity to observe how brands and bloggers are interacting in the States.  The US market is generally seen as being two years ahead of where Australia is – so I’m going to be acting like a human sponge and absorbing all the current trends, insights and breakthroughs in the States and bringing them back for our clients so that they can get a headstart and start putting them into practice in their marketing campaigns back here.

While I’m there, I’m very lucky to be meeting some incredibly exciting people who are pioneering the area of bloggers and brands working together in the US market, including:

  • Breakfast with Karen Robinovitz, who set up The Digital Brand Architects: “a social media agency with two dedicated arms, one for innovative strategy and execution across the digital space and the other for online talent management, representing top tier bloggers and online content producers/publishers.”
  • Popping in say hello in person to Danielle Wiley, founder of the Sway Group, the first blogger talent agency to launch in the US, who: “represent some of the most well-known and rising star bloggers across multiple categories. We connect corporate and agency clients with the bloggers who influence their consumers.”
  • Visiting the offices of “elationship marketing agency” (not a typo) Head Over Heels to meet David Frederick, Chief Engagement Officer – how’s that for a job title!  Head Over Heels: “helps consumers fall in love (and stay in love) with brands using every means imaginable. Our metaphor is simple: Marketing a brand should be a love affair.”  They’ve got some very interesting measurement tools as well, which I’m keen to hear more about.

There’s also a Remarkables NYC lunch planned – which is the first time we’ll all be together since The Remarkables Group was born, and of course shopping (and lots of it) needs to be worked into the schedule…

Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you!


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  1. July 27, 2012

    I am looking forward to hearing how to conference goes. It’s really exciting to see Australian blogs taking off. I am enjoying trying to learn as much as possible to hopefully apply to my new blog. Thanks for sharing. Jx