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Café Remarkable catch-up with Nikki, Styling You

Taking a seat at Café Remarkable today is Nikki Parkinson at Styling You.

My café order is… a long black. Has to be good coffee.

I started my blog because… it was a way to market my new personal styling business. The blog kind of took over and fully became the business late last year.

My favourite blog post ever was… the time I was set a style challenge by Mrs Woog. She’d bought a tube maxi dress at Seed, promptly called it the “condom” dress and asked me how to style it. We published our posts at the same time that morning and crashed the Seed website. So many of our readers continued to buy the dress – I bought four! Then I compiled this post with readers sending in their photos showing how they styled their condom dress. For me, this is what it’s all about: everyday women having fun with fashion and not being hung up on our shape, size or age. 

Recently I did the same thing with coloured jeans.  Every one of those women is an inspiration for other women. They can relate to them because they’re not a model in a glossy magazine.

I think my readership is growing because… there is a real gap in the mainstream market for fashion and beauty advice for women aged 30 and up. Typically these women are busy – in their career, with families – or both. They want quick and easy style solutions that won’t bust the budget (or get noticed too much on the credit card!). I aim to make those solutions easy for them!

My blog in three words would be… real, fun, accessible.

The best thing about being a blogger is… getting to call shopping work… kidding, sort of … it’s the readers. I was a journalist in my former life. I would publish a lot of information similar to what I do now but it’s the readers who make it more than just a broadcast. My readers make it a conversation. And I like a chat!

The worst thing about being a blogger is… not being able to sip your drink or tuck into a piece of cake without Instagramming it first. Scrap that, that’s the worst thing about being a blogger’s partner or friend. There’s nothing I don’t like about being a blogger. Best job I’ve ever had.  

The biggest highlight of my blogging career so far is… being sponsored by Sensodyne to go to BlogHer ’12 in New York. Not only did I get to see this amazing city which has always been on my dream travel list but I got to see where blogging is at in the US. And where it’s at? It’s HUGE. That makes me smile.

The most common question my readers ask me is… what should I wear to … (insert occasion)? OR How do I start a blog?

My advice to up-and-coming bloggers would be… just do it. That’s been my advice to new bloggers for two years now. I was asked recently to talk about the things that I thought had helped me achieve success with Styling You. Here’s what I said:

5 key things that have helped me achieve success
1. HARD WORK – there’s no quick buck. There are smart bucks but not quick bucks. You have to turn up every day and do the hard yards. Persistence is the key.
2. SOCIAL MEDIA. Make social media work for you. It’s a way to network within your industry beyond your geographic location and build a readership/customer base that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.
3. VALUE YOURSELF. Say no more often. Your time is your currency. Don’t throw it away and over commit yourself to things that will not move your business forward.
4. LOSE THE FEAR. I did a two-day public speaking course two and a half years ago with Bali bombing survivor Carren Smith <http://www.qlg.com.au/> .  The biggest message I took away from that weekend was that it’s ok to think and play big. And to not be scared of doing so.
5. FIND THAT THING THAT YOU LOVE. Find something that really gets you excited. Getting up each day and doing what you do should not feel like a chore. 

In five years, I hope my blog will be…. still read every day by beautiful people who love to join in the conversation around fashion, beauty and lifestyle with me.

My dream brand partnership would be… Any brand that I already know, love, buy and use. That’s the ideal win for a blogger because there’s no masking the enthusiasm for those brands we’re already loyal to.



  1. October 1, 2012

    Love this post guys but Lorraine … no sharing icons?!

  2. October 1, 2012

    Always one of my fave blogging stories, thanks Lorraine. Must interview you for one of my blogging success stories Nikki:)

    I am working on no. 3!

  3. October 1, 2012

    Love that Nikki is so successful and high profile, but continues to share her knowledge and wisdom (and time) with up and coming bloggers. She’s also a great supporter and friend. Great interview!

  4. October 1, 2012

    Great interview and really valuable advice – you’re such a fun, accessible and believable person… and that’s why we love you. A xx

  5. October 2, 2012

    Nikki you are my blogging guru. Thank you for always sharing so generously.

    And I had NO IDEA you ordered a long black.