There is always a stack of discussion about Influencer Marketing  – both positive and negative. Much of the discussion on Influencer Marketing is largely uninformed and comes from people who have no hands-on experience directly working with talent on a day-to-day basis. And that intimate knowledge is key. So let’s revisit the basics as to why you might want to work with influencers to grow your brand.

Audience Tested Content
To be successful, influencers test and optimise their content, on a live audience, on a daily basis. Especially with Instagram Stories, their feedback loop is 24 hours, while your campaign planning can take months and weeks to measure to realign the messaging, so they are learning faster than you can about the audience’s appetites.

Trust – Social Influencer’s audience see them as a Trusted Friend
Followers are waiting to hear what the Influencer recommends. Indeed they are actively looking to their favourite influencers to suggest new things for them to try. The number one reason for following an influencer is “it feels like catching up with a friend”.

Reach – Influencers Reach Overshadowing Traditional Channels
Awareness of your brand or business is often the number one goal of any marketing program. How else will people “know” to buy you? The healthiest of niche magazines in this country struggle to print more than 50,000 editions per month. Even the once-popular morning breakfast format can’t compete.  Live sport now might be the only competitor on audience numbers, to influencers.

ROI – Influencer Marketing has one of the highest ROI’s on marketing dollar spent
A first-of-its-kind sales effect study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions and WhiteWave Foods in the US, found households exposed to influencer marketing purchased 10% more of their products than the control group. Every 1000 people viewing the influencer marketing content for the program, purchased $285 worth of products over the control group and equated to 11 x the ROI of digital display ads, after 12 months (INC)

Influencer Marketing Strategy is Still Rare
Most brands operate their influencer programs without analysing the data and based on very transactional partnerships. They are likely lining up to work with the wrong talent for their business objectives and wouldn’t know who to measure the results. Here rests your opportunity.

What next?

If you are looking for guidance on your influencer marketing strategy, why not get your team together for Influencer Marketing Training? It’s hosted by one of our expert Influencer Marketing specialists.

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