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by | Oct 27, 2017 | Remarkables News, Social Influencers, The Remarkables Group | 0 comments

Facebook is Trialling a Second Newsfeed (The Guardian)

Brands will only feature in the first one if they ‘pay’. Influencer profiles won’t be affected at this stage.

Banner Ads are Tired, What Should You Do Instead? (Inc)

Hint: It’s Influencer Marketing.

Marketers Can’t Rely on the Organic Channels of Last Decade to Deliver the Traffic They So Desire (Native Advertising Institute)

Brands must find new channels to get the visibility and traffic they need.

6 Aha Moments of Influencer Marketing [VIDEO]

Quote from Mark Schaefer “The value of great content that isn’t seen or shared is zero – so we also need to concentrate on the ignition”.

What Happened When This Tried To Bring Her Baby to A Business Meeting (HuffPost & Women’s Agenda)

You may recognise this CEO!?

Endless Corporate Sign Offs Will Ruin Your Branded Content (Mumbrella)

Brand Managers are still grappling with allowing creative freedom for branded content.

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