No More Denial On Disclosure. Instagram’s New Feature For Divulging Sponsored Posts

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Celebrities, Influencer Marketing Disclosure, Influencer Marketing Strategy, Social Influencers | 0 comments

Social Influencers and Celebrities will have a helpful tool to clearly state if a post is a paid endorsement. There are no more excuses for missing this critical step or only alluding to a paid promotion with a #thanksbrandname anymore.

I welcome this move by Instagram because I’m repeatedly astounded to hear that sponsorship disclosure still feels optional in the minds of some brands and publishers in Australia.

The good news for your influencer marketing program is the pronounced disclosure will have little or no effect on the perception of the posts. Our TRG Reader Survey in 2015 of 11,000 influencers’ audience members, highlighted audience members (48%) enjoy when influencers genuinely recommend a brand as they trust them. Indeed they are actively looking to their favourite influencer to suggest new things for them to try. And 39% said they didn’t differentiate between the branded content and the other content.

Our 2016 Influencer Engagement Survey found 73% follow social influencers to gain ideas of new things to try. 25% of them also see influencers as someone they go to for trustworthy advice. Another recent study in the US, found 49 percent of people say they rely on influencers’ recommendations when making a purchase decision.

This feature will also work for Instagram Stories.

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