One in three Aussies now purchase online because of social influencers

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Influencers have significant sway over what Australians buy, as they directly influence one-third of all online purchases, according to new influencer marketing research by Power Retail. Interviews with 9,710 Australian online shoppers say so.

Furthermore, those Australian followers that are Insta-buying right now, are not who you think. The average Australian influencer-follower isn’t actually a 20 something. In fact, more than 80 percent of them are aged over 25, creating a great opportunity to reach vast audiences.

The majority of Australian influencers’ audiences are aged between 25 and 44 (54 percent). They are actively looking online to become educated and inspired. These are the very people navigating such key life moments as starting and managing families, financing homes, planning travel, etc. 31 percent of followers have children under the age of 10.

Ignoring Influencer Marketing on the assumption that it only reaches the under 25s is a major and common mistake. Indeed, amongst the Insta-shoppers, the over 55s actually outnumber the under 25s in Australia. And what are they buying? Predictably some categories such as fashion, beauty, and travel are up there, but also in the mix are large & small appliances, garden supplies, cars, technology goods, office equipment, jewelry, homewares, baby goods.

People want to see how the products work, fit and feel in a real-life environment, like at the gym. Not just on the rack. Influencers have the unique and trusted power to show them this.

One question I always get asked is ‘do audiences really want to see influencers talk about products’. My answer is, absolutely yes. This is actually one of the main reasons people follow influencers.

At the very top of the most-purchased list, were school items. A staggering 76 percent of all online sales of school items are made by shoppers who follow an influencer. Likewise, 49 percent of all large electrical appliances are made by shoppers who follow an influencer. Inspired followers go hunting for a particular item they saw an influencer using.

This research is a wake-up call to some Australian businesses that still overlook influencers in their broader marketing strategy.

Along with this opportunity to impact revenue, it is worth noting what followers are looking for when you plan influencer-partnership programs for your brand. Top content followers are looking for from influencers are: Helpful tips and advice (43 percent), Product research and reviews (40percent), Introduce me to new brands (33 percent) and Inspire me with a look or style (32 percent). Australian online retailers have embraced influencers as a marketing tool with over 86 percent utilising them.

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Influencers – Are Online Shoppers Really Listening by Power Retail 2019 – An Australian study of over 9,700 interviews with online shoppers.

Written by Natalie Giddings

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