Average Influencer Engagement Rates in Australia on Instagram

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A recent study conducted by HypeAuditor and The Remarkables Group examined 55,000 influencers on Instagram and YouTube with predominantly Australian based audiences. The study provided current influencer engagement rates per influencer type.

I get this question all the time because brands want to know if the content they create with influencers is lining up.

First, What is Engagement Rate? 

Engagement Rate or ER is commonly used as a benchmark of success on Instagram as it can help to determine if an influencer is truly connecting with their audience.
Highly engaging content with more likes and comments often stands a better chance of organically appearing on an Instagram feed too.

It is key to note the average engagement rate differs between influencer-types. The larger the following, the lower the engagement rate. So it is worth paying attention to individual engagement rates as well as an overall average across a project.

Australian Influencer Instagram Engagement Rate Benchmarks

The larger the audience, the harder it is to jump up even half a percentage.


But what sort of averages should you be aiming towards on your own programs?

From our experience, these industry benchmarks are very beatable. And there are a number of ways to ensure healthier engagement rate % to pay attention too.

Be an Active Spectator

Can the influencer genuinely speak with authority when talking about your topic?
Sounds obvious but having intimate knowledge of the influencer’s daily life is key to understanding whether to align with then or how to integrate and with which products. Think of this from the audience’s point of view. Have you ever tuned into a show, thinking you are watching one thing but they start talking about something else?

No more cameos

We see engagement rates increase the longer the brand is mentioned over time. Doesn’t there doesn’t need to be a build-up, interlude. Intermission and climax? The best position to be in for engagement is to be seen as actively used, in an influencer’s day-to-day. Your brand should be intertwined into those key moments of their lives. Avoid just showing up once, only to disappear.

Don’t try and work with a cast of 1000’s

This means steering clear of influencer marketplaces. These platforms are riddled with people that are just looking for their next job. They don’t necessarily embody your brand. Overall, engagement rates on these platforms for influencers on these platforms is very low. If you do use them you still need to do another layer of vetting, background research and identification, in order to avoid those pitfalls.

Truly Collaborate

How many times do you hear the word collaboration thrown around in influencer marketing but what should it really mean? Influencers have an acute awareness of their audience so getting input from them as to what style, channel or format will best perform, is very powerful. If they are given some freedom to appropriate your key message, this can better ensure engagement. This type of co-creation, generally takes more time and energy. But it’s absolutely always rewarded with a higher engagement rate.

Plan for Q + A session 

Just like any post-show interview. If you have applied a number of the principles above, the posts are likely to drive a large amount of behind the scenes direct messages with that influencer. So why not plan for it in your content? Using functions like Ask Me Anything, Polls and Lives on with Instagram stories.

Influencer marketing is far from simple. But it’s possible to improve your engagement and therefore the amount your posts are seen by audience members by implementing planning your content carefully.

Together with HypeAuditor, The Remarkables Group have conducted research with the most current Instagram influencer insights and benchmarks. Also covered is the challenging topic of influencer fraud. Read more from The 2019 Australian Influencer Landscape report here.

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