Marketing Training

What began as a channel dominated by mummy bloggers in the mid 2000s has evolved into a more robust branded content space that caters to nearly every demographic, topic and format. But we understand it’s hard to know the right way to leverage this type of marketing to build and strengthen your brand.

Our training provides brands and marketers with the necessary knowledge, planning frameworks and compliance procedures to set up and run successful influencer marketing programs.

In our training, you will learn the strategies we’ve developed from implementing 400+ programs since 2012. 

Who is it for?

Marketing Professionals

You may or may not be running some form of influencer activity, but you want up your game and learn how to develop a strategic framework to plan, implement and measure the success of your programs.

Brand Teams

Your team run influencer programs, but you are keen to implement your campaign more effectively and maximise your overall investment in influencer marketing to drive results.

What’s Included?

Influencer Marketing Workshop

1.5 Hours Online or Half Day (Onsite)
  • A customised workshop, tailored specifically to your needs and category including case studies
  • Expert trainers
  • Client onsite, Melbourne or Sydney locations available
  • Customised templates & resources
  • Group sizes of 4 or more discount available
  • Morning tea provided upon request
  • Influencer Strategy 2.0


  • Best-practice principles to start and manage your influencer marketing program
  • Maximise your return on investment (& time)
  • Guidelines on disclosure, brand safety, and contracts.
  • A to Z of successful influencer engagement from initial research, to  influencer vetting, to the measurement of program success.
  • How to identify fake followers & verify engagement
  • Content amplification
  • Case studies from Australian and global companies

Why TRG Training?

  • TRG is the first group in Australia to have dedicated influencer marketing specialists.
  • With proven track record and experience in the influencer space for more than 8 years, TRG brings in practical learning activities on influencer marketing.
  • We engage expert trainers and professionals who understand the fundamentals of extracting the maximum value from your influencer partnerships.
  • Glean in-depth insights from the dissection of over 400 programs we have designed for different clients and campaigns.
  • We show how TRG matches the correct channels and formats to suit your program objectives.
  • Learn about the things to consider when identifying and properly vetting influencers.

Who we are

We’ve had the benefit of operating in this space for 6+ years, running continuous influencer programs since we started in May 2012, first as a talent agency and now as strategy and implementation specialists.

Facebook, Blogs, Vlogs, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube: But which one is right for your objective, audience, message or campaign? This needs to be deciphered through a series of steps. 

Most campaigns skip straight to the influencers and too many brands are entrusting their influencer marketing to non-specialists. 

Let’s brainstorm and formulate a strategy that suits your needs. We’ve worked with over 100 businesses, creating influencer programs for major brands including Big W, Bupa, NIVEA, Westpac, Coca-Cola, Blackmores, L’Oreal,  Nissan, and Mondelez to name a few.

Training is designed for a group setting.      

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

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