Our Influencer Marketing Training will teach you the strategies we use daily to implement our programs for some of Australia’s largest brands

Influencer Marketing Training

Our Influencer Marketing Training provides brands with the necessary knowledge, planning frameworks and procedures to run a successful influencer marketing program and maximise your results.

Most brands miss the critical steps needed to make a campaign successful, but our Influencer Marketing Training will teach you how we plan our programs to maximise your results.

With so many options including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Blogs, Vlogs, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat: But which one is right for your objective or audience? We’ll teach you how to plan the best channels, formats and influencers to run a successful influencer marketing program and maximise your results.

What to expect

Our influencer marketing training will provide you and your team with best-practice principles to plan and manage your program, measure and maximise ROI and guidelines on disclosure and influencer contracts. We’ll cover influencer engagement from initial research to vetting, to the measurement of program success, as well as how to identify fake followers & verify engagement. We’ll also review case studies from Australian and global companies and how you can apply these strategies to your own campaigns.

Customised Workshop

A customised workshop, tailored specifically to your needs and category including case studies.

Influencer Strategy

Best-practice principles to plan and manage your program & how to measure and maximise ROI.

Key Trends in the Australian Landscape

What tactics are working with now that your brand should be taking advantage of.

Influencer Types & Recruitment

How to identify the right talent, screen for fake followers & verify engagement & approached them effectively.

Disclosure & Influencer Contracts

How to handle the biggest areas where most programs come undone.

Customised Templates

We’ll leave you with some of the key tools we use on a daily basis to make our program succeed.

Expert Trainers

Influencer Strategists

As this space evolves so rapidly, it has never been more important to have specific expertise when working influencers. Our trainers all actively work with influencers on a daily basis.

Brands that have benefited from our training

Who is our professional training best-suited to?

Marketing Professionals

You may or may not be running some form of influencer activity, but you want up your game and learn how to develop a strategic framework to plan, implement and measure the success of your programs.

Brand Teams

Your team run influencer programs, but you are keen to implement your campaign more effectively and maximise your overall investment in influencer marketing to drive results.

Why choose our Remarkable Influencer Marketing Training?


The Remarkables are the 1st agency in Australia dedicated to Influencer Marketing Strategy.


Our proven track record of pioneering in this space, along with daily hands-on experience.


We stay on top of the latest trends and changes.


Our experts understand the fundamentals of extracting the maximum value from your influencer partnerships.


Our insights are from the dissection of over 400 programs we have designed for different clients.


We’ll show you how we match the correct channels and formats to suit your program objectives.


Our unique point of view is from both talent and client perspectives.

About Us

We pioneered the influencer marketing space in May 2012, as Australia’s first talent agency dedicated to social influencers. We have since re-established ourselves as an influencer strategy and implementation specialists when we saw that opportunities for brands were being missed.

What began as a channel dominated by mummy bloggers in the mid 2000s has evolved into a one of the most powerful channels to promote your business. We understand it’s hard to know the right way to leverage this type of marketing to build and strengthen your brand but with our training, you can feel confident of your campaign. 

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