Wow… pinch me moment, our Influencer Marketing show Ticker Influencers has been going for a whole year! That means I’ve been presenting on live TV for a whole year… crazy stuff!

To celebrate the first birthday of Ticker Influencers, we have put together a special anniversary episode.

In this episode we go back over a whole year of key learnings, notable insights and round up my favourite question: ‘who’s you favourite follow?’

To learn from notable creators such as Georgie Stevenson, Montana Lower, Flying the Nest, Ollie Burton, Pestily and many more; or from brands such as Tropeaka, Bondi Sands or Eleven Australia; or even from other key industry experts, give our anniversary show a watch.

You’ll also find out who influences the influencers!

We’ve shared the full episode as an IGTV here.

Have you been a regular viewer of Ticker Influencers? Unsure how to implement some of the super valuable learnings? Why not sign your team up to our group Influencer Marketing Training? We can give you bespoke advice on optimising your brand’s Influencer Marketing strategy.

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