Brands Are Wagging Their Tails to Pet Influencer Marketing

By Edward Gauw, Lead Pets Strategist at Remarkable Pets

Australians spend a mammoth $8 billion per year on their furry family members.

The Rise in Pet Influencers

Australia holds the highest rate in the world for pet ownership at 62%, with 67.70% of the pets owned being dogs and cats. With the pet population in Australia at 24 million – slightly higher than the human population of 23.77 there is no wonder more and more humans are creating social media pages for their pets to share their daily going ons with their friends, family, and fans.

Along with this rise in pet ownership comes an increase in the demand for pet influencers for brands. The pet care industry being one of the largest and fastest growing markets in not only Australia but globally, means their marketing strategies need to be able to keep up with the industry and times.

Cute and Furry animals on social media have been known to generate higher engagement rates than human influencers.

Brands are increasingly including pet influencers in their marketing mix because their platforms appeal to a large audience with a high engagement, whilst still creating a unique and shareable content for the brand.

Our offshoot company, Remarkable Pets, recognise the need in introducing pet influencers in Australia. They represent some of the top Australian pet influencers, such as Annie Paddington, Malamute Moosh and Doxies Down Under.


So what is a Pet Influencer?

Familiar with the social media famous pet accounts such as Grumpy Cat, Tuna Melts My Heart, Mr Biscuit The Pug, Baconcup, or Manny the Frenchie? These are just a few examples of pets who have owners that have created social channels dedicated to posting cute, funny photos and videos of their furry friends. These channels that seemingly started as people just wanting to share their pets have now caught the attention of brands, in particular pet brands, as a way to market their products.

This is the same concept as human influencer marketing, but using pet social channels in an effort to reach the consumer brands need to. Pet brands look to reach animal lovers and pet owners through the social media accounts they follow i.e. pet social stars with high followings.

What Their Followings Look Like

Brands use these social platforms and a pet influencer as it gives them the ability to access network of pet owners. Brands can generate awareness and engagement around campaigns in a creative and relevant way.

There are many pet influencers who have thousands and millions of followers on Instagram, such as Nigella The Pug, CATMANTOO, and Ned The Cavoodle. When a brand use these influencers’ channels to reach consumers they see that they are gaining higher rates of engagement than using their own social channels or traditional media outlets.

Who Uses Pet Influencers

It’s not just pet brands that use pet influencers but companies with no direct connection between their products and pets. Companies such as Petbarn, Bupa, and RSPCA have all run campaigns featuring a pet influencer.

Accounts dedicated to being a pet influencer are most known for focusing on pet food, pet clothing trends, pet humour, and pet lifestyle.



If you are a brand interested in engaging with pet influencers, head to Remarkable Pets website here.