Are you a social influencer looking to take your channel to the next level?

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Saturday June 24th, 2017

If you are a social influencer who is looking to take their channel to the next level or looking to learn new skills from some of the best in the biz then Rising Soci@l Star LIVE Event is where you have to be!

Join us in coming together for an all-day social influencer masterclass with some of Australia’s top social influencers and brands in the influencer marketing game along with social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship experts.

You will get the chance to spend the day hearing from speakers who have built a career through social media and by being a social influencer, as well as the masterminds behind the marketing strategies.


WHAT TIME: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

 What the day will include:

Session One: YouTube Hard Skills

Hear from one of Australia’s top YouTubers, the always fabulous Nikkia Joy as she shares what prompted her to start her channels, how she grew her channels and the logistics behind this process. She will teach you skills like recording videos with a camera and light techniques as well as giving you tips on keeping your views engaged.

Session Two: Trolls, Negativity and All of Those Sasties

Whenever you open up your life to the public eye no matter what the content there is always sure to be negativity that follows.

Influencers have to face backlash, hackers, haters, troll and copyright claims and it not easy all of the time. This session will give you tips and tricks from some of Australia’s top influencers on how to take control and push through the negativity as well as how to protect yourself and your brand along the way.

Session Three: The Landscape: Whos Who of Influencer Marketing

You may already have a blog and social media channels with a high following, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to grab the attention from brands relevant to your channel or how to start on building brand-influencer relationships.

Top agencies such as TRiBE, Social Soup and The Right Fit will be coming together in this session dishing out the deets on how to start those relationship and tips on how to stand out and get their attention. These agencies will also be guiding you in how you could take your brand and turn it into a successful full time business.

Session Four: Connecting with your audience

In this day and age, there are so many ways to connect with your audience whether that’s your blog, Instagram, twitter, Facebook Lives, Instagram stories and Snapchat , it’s hard to keep track and to know what to do on each and every channel.

Hear from some of the best and learn their tricks to the trade when it comes to producing interesting and engaging content on the channel. We have the CEO of Man of Many as well as the wonderful Chloe Barry-Hang on this panel, plus some other special names.

Session Five: Hear It From The Brands

Here you will hear from some of Australia’s leading brands on what it is exactly they are looking for when searching for influencers to help them market their business. The criteria they look for in influencers before creating that initial brand-influencer relationship.

Attending this social influencer event will leave you feeling connected and motivated to expand your own brand/company or your own personal influencer reputation, while learning the skills that it takes to become successful in social media driven world we live in today!



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