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How the FTC is Cracking Down on Misleading Influencer Marketing

The United States has strict endorsement guides for influencers, which will only be passed onto Australia with the same low tolerance.

Samsung’s Top US Marketer says Ad Agencies Should Feel Threatened by Influencers

When it comes to the inflated cost of content creation, why not leverage engagement experts + get access to their audiences.

YouTube Unveils More Original Content, Boasts Ad Viewability Rate Of 95%

How when it comes to advertising, YouTube could be the place to invest your money.

Did you see @Katherine_Sabbath’s wonderful shopping cart campaign for eBay?

Katherine is an uber creative baker that would give anyone inspiration, not just bakers. You might have seen the Instagram roll put this week.

Elastoplast worked with Flying The Nest couple Stephen & Jess for their Elastoplast Blister Plasters

You can also watch the corresponding Facebook video here.