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Top 20 Most Influential Aussie Bloggers According to Harpers Bazaar

As the hype around Influencer Marketing keeps growing with no signs of slowing down. It’s important to know who to look out for. Check the list and make sure you’re following Australia’s top 20 Influencers.

Facebook Launches Video Creation App for Influencers

Facebook is launching a new app in line with boosting the Facebook video experience much like Facebook mentions being exclusive to verified accounts.

Shoppable Ads for Instagram Stories or Snapchat

One-click shopping may be possible through ads on Instagram Stories and Snapchat Ads.

Instagram Launches Feature for Influencers to Disclose Paid Campaigns 

The “Paid Partnership Tool” Instagram has added to it’s platform will allow users to quickly tag the brands they have a relationship with. Variety explains how this will effect Influencer Marketing and Influencers and Brands directly! 


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