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What’s happening in Influencer Marketing…

Huffington Posts Demands That Celebrity Endorsements Stop Being Referred to as “Influencer Marketing”

Reach vs. Engagement:: Know the difference between spending up to half a million for one post from a celebrity with consumer impact of 2.3% rather than non-celebrity influencers with consumer impact of 30%.

Instagram’s Updates Targeted at Influencers and Brands

July of 2017 may have been one of the most successful months ever for Instagram as far as updates for Influencer Marketing – check out what’s new!

Snapchat Targets Ad Creation & Launches New Publisher Tool

Snap Publisher add news templates for ad creation that can then be customised with company logos, pictures and videos!

Amazon, Time inc., & Adobe Step Into the Influencer Marketing Industry

With the Influencer Marketing Industry on the fast track to becoming a $5-10 billion Industry more and more big brands and companies want to jump aboard.

See Why 63% of Marketers Increased Their Influencer Marketing Budgets in 2017

Study shows one – third of Marketers report higher success rates with influencer marketing than traditional marketing.

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